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Activitis is the first company in Ukraine to launch a pilot B2B BNPL project

  • Source: Activitis

At the beginning of December, 4 of our partners, companies from different directions, are participating in the BNPL "pilot" testing. This was reported by the company's press service.

A high-tech company took part in the project Frendt LLC, with which BNPL FRENDT was launched - the company's clients now have the opportunity to take "installments" for up to 6 months for innovative technologies for precision farming.

"In general, during the several months of the pilot, we received 109 applications worth over 96 million hryvnias. During the pilot, the approval rate (i.e. AR%) ranged from 59% to 81%. The average we expect the indicator for BNPL to be at the level of 65% for a regular client of the partner, and about 40% for a new one.

This is a fairly high indicator for financial instruments, so we consider the dynamics to be very positive. The average conversion during the pilot is slightly more than 26%, but we expect it to increase to 60-70%, and the key here will be the correct communication of the product's work and benefits. For the Ukrainian B2B business, BNPL will become a really effective financial tool to support activities, because it is fast and affordable," - noted in Activitis. 

The company also talked about the prospects for B2B BNPL development in Ukraine. According to the press service, BNPL's B2C market now exceeds $150 billion, and demand is constantly growing.
"Of course, there are differences between B2B and B2C, and they consist of a more complex verification mechanism and management of payment processes. However, it is predicted that the B2B market of BNPL in Europe and the US will reach more than 200 billion dollars already in the coming years, and this indicates a huge potential for development. We expect that Ukrainian businesses will rapidly integrate B2B BNPL, because it is very fast and flexible, and it is an additional tool to most traditional financial services. We , in particular, we plan to fully implement B2B BNPL as an online service for small businesses already in the first quarter of next year. This is a unique experience for us and a completely unique offer for the Ukrainian market, so stay tuned for updates," Activitis shared the plans

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