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NovaPay card can now be used as a salary card

NovaPay card can now be used as a salary card

From now on, NovaPay cardholders can receive salary from any Ukrainian employer on their card. You can do this in the application - create a paper or electronic application for receiving a salary on a NovaPay card and send it to the company's accountant.

To make an application for an accountant, you need to:

  • in the NovaPay application, go to the card settings;
  • select the “Statements and certificates” section and the type of application for receiving salary in NovaPay: electronic or paper;
  • fill in the “Employer” field, other personal data will be automatically pulled into the application;
  • generate an electronic application and sign it using Diia.Signature; receive a paper application in pdf format and print it out.

The main advantages of the application noted by users:

  • 20% discount that can be used to pay for Nova Poshta delivery services and cash on delivery fees;
  • favorable tariffs, as transfers from NovaPay card to other Ukrainian banks are free of fees: no restrictions on the details, up to UAH 50 thousand by card number;
  • cash withdrawal at a Nova Poshta branch using a barcode from the NovaPay app, as well as at any ATM in Ukraine (up to UAH 50,000) - no fees;
  • investment opportunities - in the app, you can purchase your own NovaPay bonds with a favorable rate and a choice of maturity.

Thus, for NovaPay customers who already enjoy the benefits of the purple application, after the transfer of their salary, there will be no need to replenish the card for payments and parcel fees. And you can apply for a NovaPay card in a few clicks by completing a quick onboarding in the app or at a branch. The plastic version of the card can be ordered at any convenient time: delivery by Nova Poshta within Ukraine will be free of charge.

As a reminder, NovaPay was the first non-bank financial institution in Ukraine to receive an extended license from the NBU, which allowed it to open accounts and issue cards.

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