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Cooperation for accessibility and transparency of social payments: DIA and the Ministry of Social Policy signed a Memorandum

Today, on May 23, 2024, the Association of Ukrainian Banks and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine signed a memorandum of cooperation aimed at ensuring the accessibility and transparency of social assistance payments.

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This cooperation includes:

▪︎ Development of inclusion in the provision of administrative services: We will work together to make social assistance services accessible to all, regardless of their physical or other characteristics.

▪︎ Developing a mechanism for involving banking institutions in the process of processing and paying out various types of state social assistance, pensions, subsidies and compensations: This will allow citizens to receive assistance in a way that is convenient for them, at the nearest bank branch or even through online banking.

▪︎ Expanding the functionality of the Bank's Cabinet: This will allow bank employees to register citizens' applications for social assistance and receive payment information from social security authorities.

▪︎ Building an integrated payment system: The Ministry of Social Policy aims to create a system that will be integrated with various government agencies to monitor and verify social payments.

The AUB assured of its support for the implementation of joint projects, as cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy is an important step towards a transparent, effective and accessible social support system in Ukraine.

“We are quick to respond to digital initiatives for the development of the social sphere. In this case, cooperation between banks and the Ministry of Social Policy will allow all parties to achieve positive results. Today, in times of war, the state, business, and society must all work together to improve and enhance socially oriented processes. As part of our cooperation with the Ministry, we are ready to continue to engage and develop useful ideas and solutions to ensure that social services are provided to all those who need them,” said Andriy Dubas, President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks.

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