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Sergey Mamedov, Bank Globus

Sergey Mamedov, Bank Globus

The Association of Ukrainian Banks plays an important role not only in the process of formation and improvement of the Ukrainian banking system, but also in its adaptation to international standards, in particular the EU. In addition, the UBA is an effective opportunity to find optimal solutions and join forces to develop the market through "hot" discussions and debates, transparent relations between the Association's members, active cooperation with the authorities, the National Bank and other professional and professional associations.
For more than 30 years of AUB's existence, the last two have been really difficult and tense: a full-scale war forced us to work many times harder to at least preserve the banking system, create strong protection against any force majeure and take care of the interests of each bank despite everything. It was during this period that the DBA became the community that is able to take the initiative and work, without exaggeration, in the interests of both banks and clients.
I am convinced that the strength of the UBA lies in the fact that we were able to unite true like-minded professionals, provide the market with a new perspective and principles of its development, and implement the latest modern approaches to digitalization of services, development of lending and deposits. The main thing is to never stop, because the movement towards improvement is always beyond time!

Chairman of the Board, Globus Commercial Bank
Vice President of AUB

Sergey Mamedov

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The mission of the Association of Ukrainian Banks is to support the development of the national banking system. The AUB cooperates with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on improving the legislation governing banking activities, and interacts with the National Bank of Ukraine on regulatory support for the functioning of banks and non-bank financial institutions. The CBA takes care of the professional development of bank employees, expands international relations with associations and banking institutions of other countries.



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