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Vasyl Furman, NBU

I would like to emphasize the important role and significant contribution of the Association of Ukrainian Banks to the development of the financial sector of our country. The unification of banks and non-bank financial institutions within the framework of the UBA is an important step forward in ensuring effective communication with government agencies, as well as joint work on the development and improvement of regulatory documents governing the financial sector.

Yulia Frolova, Bank Alliance

Our bank has been a member of the Association of Ukrainian Banks for several years.
We decided to join the UBA community because we believe in the power of unification, consolidation and collective action in achieving common goals.

Yuriy Kandaurov, A-Bank

The Association ensures equal opportunities for all members and supports their rights, which are important aspects for our bank.

Nadia Vorobyova, ALTBANK

The Association of Ukrainian Banks is an important player in shaping the strategic directions of the Ukrainian banking sector.

Gennadiy Chyzhykov, CCI of Ukraine

I believe in the great power of associations!

Sergey Sinchenko, FC MONEYVEO

The Association of Ukrainian Banks is a democratic and professional community with 30 years of experience that ensures equal opportunities for all members and support for their rights.

Yuri Kralov, "MTB Bank"

MTB Bank has been an active member of the Association of Ukrainian Banks for several years. We joined this community because the UBA, as a professional association with many years of experience in the market, is guided by the principles of democratic decision-making and objectivity.

Sergiy Yermakov, Ukreximbank

For about 3 years, state-owned Ukreximbank, one of the most powerful corporate and investment banks in Ukraine, has been a member of the Association of Ukrainian Banks (AUB). The Association's key task is to develop the Ukrainian banking market and the professional banking community

Volodymyr Dovgal, CreditPlus

Our company has been a member of the UBA since 2020. Despite the fact that the microcredit market was new for UBA, the association has been very active in this new direction. The most important thing is that the association always takes a proactive stance, trying to find solutions to important market issues. Participation in the association is important for us both to support the overall interaction of the market with the NBU, exchange of experience, and to resolve specific issues that arise in our company. Within the association, members have the opportunity to work and exchange news within specialized committees, as well as receive individual consultations. No request is left unattended.

Sergey Mamedov, Bank Globus

The Association of Ukrainian Banks plays an important role not only in the process of formation and improvement of the Ukrainian banking system, but also in its adaptation to international standards, in particular the EU. In addition, the UBA is an effective opportunity to find optimal solutions and join forces to develop the market through "hot" discussions and debates, transparent relations between the Association's members, active cooperation with the authorities, the National Bank and other professional and professional associations.

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The mission of the Association of Ukrainian Banks is to support the development of the national banking system. The AUB cooperates with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on improving the legislation governing banking activities, and interacts with the National Bank of Ukraine on regulatory support for the functioning of banks and non-bank financial institutions. The CBA takes care of the professional development of bank employees, expands international relations with associations and banking institutions of other countries.



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