17 Лютий

Ukrainian Union of  entepreneurs and businessmen 
International Chamber of Commerce 
Ukrainian Federation of Employees  of non-tate Security  Services
International Financial Corporation  
Ukrainian National Mortgage Association 
League of Insurance Organisations of Ukraine 
Ukrainian Association of Investment Business
Professional Association of  Registars  and Depositories
Depository of Securities «Interregional Fund Union»
National Association of non-state Pension Funds and Administrators
Ukrainian Credit Banking Union 
Independent Association of  Ukrainian Collector Agencies 
Association of Participants of Collector Business of Ukraine 
Union  of Lawyers of Ukraine 
Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Center of Commercial Law
European Business Association in Ukraine (EBA) 
Ukrainian Association of Management  Consultants (UAMK)
Association of Financiers of Ukraine 
Union of Lessors and Entepreneurs of Ukraine 
Association of Lawers of Ukraine 
Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine 
Ukrainian Collegium of Lawers   
Ukrainian Helsinki Union on Human Rights 
Ukrainian Association of Periodic Press Publishers 
Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts 
Association of farmers and private land owners
Independent Association of Teleradiobroadcasters  
All-Ukrainian Union of Deceived Depositors and Shareholders of Ukraine 
Association of Ukrainian Cities
International Society of Human Rights 
Association of Agencies of Regional Development of Ukraine
Association of Assistance and Development of International Business 
Independent  Media Trade Union 
National Union of Journalists of Ukraine 
Institute of Mass Information 
Ukrainian-Polish Forum 
Confederation of Employers of Ukraine 
Federation of Employers of Ukraine 
Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine 
Ukrainian Association of Quality  
1st  All-Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories  
Association  “Ukrainian union of lessors