11 Грудень
Article 4 Rights and Liabilities of Members of the Association

4.1 Members of the Association are entitled to:
elect leading bodies of the Association and be elected into those;
submit proposals to the agenda of the Convention of the Association not later than a fortnight prior to its sessions;
participate in working at documents that designate prime trends in Activities of the Association, to submit to the Council of the Association proposals designed at protecting interests and improving activities of the Association and those of banks;
make use of intellectual developments and material and technical facilities as well as services, consultations and recommendations which are accorded to executive bodies of the Association;
receive assistance on the part of the Association during consideration of disputable issues in agencies of State power and State administration as well as in the NBU;
be a member of regional associations of banks or of regional affiliates of the Association, to withdraw from the Association notifying thereof not later than two months prior to the event;
apply to court in case of breach by AUB of commercial secrecy.
Members of the Association enjoy equal rights and liabilities

4.2 Members of the Association commit themselves to:
adhere to the Statute and fulfill the decisions passed by the Convention;
participate in realization of goals and tasks of the Association;
enhance efficiency of performance and prestige of banks, their reputation among clients;
develop cooperation among banks on the basis of friendliness, mutual respect and support, unconditional execution of reciprocal liabilities;
duly pay membership fees and other payments ascertained by the Council and the Convention of the Association;
duly and expeditiously submit to the Association upon its request the information which is not regarded as commercial secret as well as to independently notify about reorganization of the bank, alterations in its name, address or senior management, changes in official telephone numbers of the latter etc.