17 Лютий

Article 2 Basic Principles and Mission of the Association

2.1 The Association acts on the basis of the principles as follows:
compromise settlement of issues, with interests of all members of the Association being taken into account;
credence and mutual assistance in relations among the Association members;
voluntary participation of the Association members in projects and programmes to be implemented by decision of the Council of the Association;
compulsory fulfilment of the decisions passed by the Convention of the Association;
independence of agencies of State administration.

2.2 Main Principles of the Association are:
protection of rights and interests of banks-members of the Association, ensuring legal guarantees of their activities;
facilitating formation of legal basis for banking;
encouraging skill and professionalism advance of bank senior executives and specialists;
acquainting the public with activities of the bank and the their role in economy of Ukraine;
facilitating realization of provisions of the antimonopoly legislation in banking;
establishing mutual confidence, reliability, decency and business partnership in mutual relations between banks, their clients, ensuring observance of Code of Honour of the Ukrainian Banker;
bringing to the awareness of banks as to activities of the Association through the News Bulletin of the Association and other publications of legal and regulatory acts of agencies of State power and State administration, the National Bank of Ukraine (hereinafter – the NBU), the Superior Arbitration Court of Ukraine on the issues concerning banking.

2.3 In order to achieve the afore-mentioned goals the Association:
analyses drafts of legislative acts concerning banking, sees its way to have its observations and propositions approved by Commissions of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament), the Government, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
maintains and develops business contacts with the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
cooperates with the NBU as to elaboration of major trends in monetary and tax policies, participates in working out drafts of instructions and other regulatory documents of the NBU which govern activities of commercial banks;
founds in association with appropriate educational establishments schools, centers, courses of professional training and retraining of personnel;
cooperates with the media, conducts press conferences, has its news bulletin and other printing materials published;
renders consultative services and assistance to the AUB members on all the issues regarding activities of the Ukrainian banks, contributes to the work of the Arbitration Court of the Association;
individually or in association with the NBU organizes symposia, seminars, exchange of  experience, contributes to establishing business contacts;
examines and disseminates experience, provides recommendations as to efficient implementation of bank operations and standardized bank procedures as well as it accords assistance to banks in organizing their work;
renders assistance in surmounting the circumstances which provisionally impair the banks’ liquidity standing;
coordinates bank activities in the sphere of common interests of the Association members;
involves bank representatives into participation in events being held under the auspices of agencies of State power and State administration for the purpose of developing economy and banking;
founds or acts as an establisher of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
handles in both central and regional agencies of State power the issues connected with application of banking legislation, bank taxation as well as antimonopoly activity;
refers to law-enforcement authorities with the aim of protecting interests of commercial banks and their associates.