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Article 1 General Provisions
1.1 The Association of Ukrainian Banks (hereinafter referred to as the Association) acts on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking”, further legislative acts of Ukraine and the Statue in question. The Association is a cessionary of the Association of Commercial and Corporate Banks of the UkrSSR.

1.2 The Association is created with the object of developing the banking system of Ukraine, representing interests of their members in agencies of State power and those of State administration, protection of bank rights, ensuring relations with the public, banks abroad and their associations.

1.3 The Association is a non-state, independent, voluntary, non-commercial organization, which unites Ukrainian banks and bank associations (hereinafter referred to as banks).

1.4 Membership in the Association does not impose any restrictions on its members as to commercial, public or any other activity, which is not prohibited by law.

1.5 The Association is a juridical entity having its own balance, seal, stamp, emblem and being entitled to open accounts with a bank. The Association owns property and is entitled in its own name to acquire rights and meet liabilities, come out as a plaintiff or defendant in courts of law.

1.6 The Association has the right:
to be a member of interbank institutions of countries in Europe and of those worldwide;
to establish representations abroad, to collaborate with bank associations of other countries;
to own, use and dispose of confidential information of professional, business, bank, commercial or of any other kind. Confidential information is disseminated on the condition being ascertained by the Association that independently establishes the access mode to such information inclusive of the latter’s belonging to the confidential category as well as it introduces the system of its protection.

1.7 The legal address of the Association is as follows: 15, M. Raskova str., Kyiv 253167